Welcome Back!!

It's said to see summer go, but it's also exciting to get back to school.  If you're looking for concert dates, the calendar to the right has currently confirmed dates, I'll send a complete calendar in an email when it's all set and also a hard copy when school starts.
I know the 6th grade students are VERY excited to get started, but please have patience for now.  No instruments need to obtained at this point, we'll go over that in great detail soon!

Summer Band 4th of July Parade Re-route Info

Due to the parade re-route, our lineup position has been moved to Main Street by Jimmy John's.  We are still number 11!  We will still meet at 10:30AM. A map of the lineup and closures can be found on the forms page.

Summer Band
The final info sheet for the Cedar Point trip and the 4th of July parade is on the forms page.  This should answer any question you might have for our upcoming performances.  Thanks! 

Jazz Band!

Rehearsals begin on Thursday, May 12th at 7:10 am.  A complete schedule is on the forms page.  If you didn't participate at the Winter Concert, that's ok, there's no time like the present.  We will perform for the Spring Concert and Honors Night. jazz Band is open to any 7th/8th grade band student.

Spring Concert Info

Our Spring Concert will be Tuesday, June 7th (baring another snow day...).  The standard sign and return form is due on Tuesday, May 17th, you can find it on the forms page if you didn't happen to get one from your student.If you are available, please sign up to help out! Many hands make light work. Concert announcements are due on Wednesday, May 25th.     

March Musical Snow Out!

I can't say enough thank yous to all the folks who helped out at the day and got kids there for the event.  I'm still somewhat stunned that every part of the original day was able to be replicated and that it all went so smoothly.

Here's a few pictures of our rehearsals with Mr. Crutcher and the Piano Wars.

Winter Concert

The Winter concert is just around the corner: Tuesday, 12/15 at 7:00pm here at Oak Valley. Hopefully the sign and return form has been turned in and Concert Announcements have been written.  You can find detailed info on the forms page. 

Congrats to Solo and Ensemble Participants!!

We had a great day on Saturday!  I'm proud of every kid who participated, it's not easy to overcome your nerves and play for a stranger, not to mention one who's evaluating you!  It's also a lot of extra work to prepare the music, and our kids did a great job. I look forward to seeing all the medals at the concert. 

6th Grade - Blue Man Group

We have a great trip planned for the 6th grade students to see the Blue Man Group on Friday, January 29th.  We'll take charter bus, stop for dinner on the way, and see a great show at The Whiting in Flint.  The sign up sheet is on the forms page.





The Oak Valley middle school marches through town.